A few words about who we are & what we do

Every generation needs to identify it’s own ways of being in a world which is constantly changing. We are lead in our work by a vision which focus and empowers individuals and organisations to contribute with their potential to shift mindsets for a new era.

 A world in which people grow in self-confidence,
value their potential and
create inclusive and diverse environments

Our work is enriched by our own life paths and experiences and deeply rooted in a few core values which we implement in our lifes and in our work with our clients:

The Values which drive us

We embrace diversity
We value the richness that rises from various cultures, mindsets, qualities and structures: they open us for new perspectives and reveal new opportunities for development.

We are compassionate
We understand the complexity of situations and relate to them in the present moment with compassion and patience: it helps us to disclose the essential needs and search for accurate responses

We cultivate curiosity
We consider curiosity a precondition of creativity: it is the energy that keeps us learning and practicing to bring up new ideas and/or improve our actions.

We encourage
We have greater impact by acting regardless of any fear: it is a deliberate choice to pursue our passion with perseverance and empower others to grow and act with the same self-confidence

The brains behind our actions


Marc Muller

Founder and Managing Partner


Carlos Paulos, PhD

Research Advisor

Researcher and Consultant on Health and Harm Reduction issues




Magdalena Jakubowska

Learning Experiences and Service Designer


Susanna Greijer, PhD

Legal Research Consultant on fundamental rights and children’s rights